The famous artist celebrates her daughter’s birthday with rare photos from her childhood. Watch what she looked like

2023-04-25 12:00:34 The Egyptian star, Rogina, celebrated the birthday of her youngest daughter, Maryam, with whom she recently co-starred in the series “Sitham”, which was shown in the Egyptian series for the Ramadan 2023 season. Rogina published rare photos of Mary from her childhood, in an album that included her picture from the series’ poster. … Read more

Al-Zal Market in Riyadh Auctioning Off “Rare Mill” in Haraj – Al-Marsad Newspaper

A rare “mixing mill” was recently auctioned at Al-Zal market, Riyadh, as documented in a video clip. The clip featured the famous Shalgham, who is known for auctioning rare items and commodities at the market. He displayed several mixing mills on a table and called for their price, with attendees present to witness the auction. … Read more

A rare picture of Kazem El-Saher tops the talk of followers.. So it seemed

In the past few hours, social media pioneers circulated an old picture of the Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher, in which he appeared with very different features, as he was at a young age, in his youth. According to what the observers indicated, this picture dates back to the period of Kazem Al-Saher’s military service, … Read more

how to protect yourself from a deadly infection?

Once in the nose, the Naegleria fowleri parasite (Naegleria fowleri) travels along the olfactory nerve to the brain and infects the brain tissue. At the same time, as doctors say, drinking water contaminated with bacteria is not dangerous. The main thing is that it does not hit the nose. If this does happen, contact with … Read more

The rare disease plan will rely on precision medicine to respond to 140,000 people

The approval of the Comprehensive Plan for Rare Diseases of Castilla y León has already begun its countdown. 84.5% of the actions will be implemented in the first three years of the strategy that will see the light of day this year with the horizon set at 2027 S.CALLEJA Valladolid Sunday, January 22, 2023, 13:08 … Read more