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20 minutes – teams threaten lawsuit after engine dispute

Shortly before the start of the season, a dispute rages in Formula One. In a joint letter, seven teams, including industry leader and series world … Read more

20 minutes – that’s what Prosieben says about the fake allegations

On Tuesday, the disclosure channel “Joko and Klaas: How they fake their videos” was published on the YouTube channel STRG_F – operated by the public … Read more

20 minutes – everything fake at Joko and Klaas?

Joko Winterscheidt (41) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (36) are geniuses in their field, that is undisputed. The German TV makers have been creating stories in their … Read more

20 minutes – Apple pays iPhone users $ 25 each

The lawsuit over throttled iPhones seems to be slowly coming to an end. Apple is willing to pay up to $ 500 million (the equivalent … Read more

20 minutes – “Masks are stolen within 5 minutes”

Hospitals are increasingly used as a free mask delivery point. “Indeed, the use of protective masks has been higher than expected in the past few … Read more

20 minutes – Meghan absolutely wants to play a Marvel heroine

Exactly when Meghan (38) lands in the UK is not revealed for security reasons. However, according to the “Daily Mail” earlier this week she should … Read more

20 minutes – Italo rapper hits a hit with Corona song

Behind the stage name Bello Figo is the Italian Paul Yeboah from Ghana. The 27-year-old is quite successful in the cyber world with a total … Read more

20 minutes – He wanted woman for himself, so the other had to die

F. S. * wanted to kill 36-year-old A.V. * on September 9, 2015 with nine pistol bullets, it says in the indictment. The victim was … Read more

20 minutes – is Neymar a German TV presenter?

Superstar Neymar (28) was unable to play in his PSG’s 4-0 win over Dijon on Saturday night due to a red ban. However, he followed … Read more

20 minutes – «Blind rage has risen on Lesbos»

Ms. Grillmeier *, what is the mood like in Lesbos? It has been bad for a long time. The Greek government announced a few weeks … Read more