Honolulu Airport Runway 8L Repairs: Delays, Updates, and Impact on Hawaiian Airlines – Hawaii News Now

2023-11-30 17:30:00 HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – State transportation officials have again had to close a key runway at Honolulu airport for repair work. The state Transportation Department closed Runway 8L on Wednesday. The closure forces all flights to Runway 26L, creating delays in peak hours, especially for interisland flights, thus affecting Hawaiian Airlines most of all. … Read more

Unexpected Discovery: Chinese Man Finds Giant Salamander in Water Pipe

2023-11-06 11:49:06 A Chinese man repairing a water pipe took out a “salamfish”. (Picture/reproduced from Jiupai News) An unexpected and ridiculous incident occurred in Huizhou, Guangdong, China on the 3rd. When a man surnamed Wen went to a customer’s home to help clear the water pipe, he accidentally found a live fish in the water … Read more

Rampant Burglaries: In-depth Coverage of Recent String of Restaurant Thefts in Market Square, Liège

2023-11-04 04:00:00 The traders on the Market Square are starting to get fed up. In the past, they have regularly been the target of burglaries. of videos But for ten days, it hasn’t stopped, culminating in the night of October 25 to 26. And the modus operandi is always the same, which suggests that we … Read more

Android 14 will offer a repair mode that protects all personal data

2023-10-23 15:36:52 Android 14 will offer a “repair” mode that users can activate when giving their smartphone to a repairer. This specific mode automatically hides all user data and thus protects the device from anyone who is a little too curious. It should arrive quickly in Pixels compatible with Android 14, even if the open-source … Read more

Tesla Electric Car Breakdown in Extreme Weather: Shocking Repair Cost and Warranty Controversy

2023-10-17 14:00:00 Johnny Bacigalupo and Rob Hussey claim their £60,000 electric car stopped working during extreme weather last week in Scotland. For the repairs, the couple must now pay £17,374, or almost 20,000 euros! The couple, from Edinburgh, Scotland, went out to dinner last Saturday and arrived at their destination without issue. However, when they … Read more

Cell phone broke? 4 things you should do before sending it in for repair

2023-10-10 19:51:00 Protecting your cell phone before sending it for repair is extremely crucial as it contains sensitive personal information about you such as your phone number, bank details and even photos and videos. If you are going to take your device for repairs or simply want to be prepared when you need it, in … Read more