League of Legends Wild Rif introduces Zeri in version 4.0B | RiotGames | eSports | Android | iOS | DEPOR-PLAY

Wild Rift little by little it is gaining ground in the competitive MOBA market for Android and iOS mobile devices. Like the other titles of Riot Gamesthis game has constant updates of content and also with the arrival of new characters. The latest to arrive at version 4.0B is Zeri, the Zaun marksman. “It’s time … Read more

Valorant Mobile is in development. but slower than expected

Valuing gameFPS style from Riot Games that are popular all over the house all over the city Originally, in addition to being open to play via PC, Riot Games plans to open for play on the mobile side as well, butgamedevelopment slower than expected ValorantMobile be anothergameExpected to be played later this year Anna Donlon … Read more

‘Evolving Skill’ LoL Aurelion Sol Renewal Notice

[게임플] Riot Games’ representative game ‘League of Legends (LoL)’ champion ‘Aurelion Sol’ has been reworked. Aurelion Sol is a wizard champion released in March 2016, designed with the concept of a mythical creator who fills the universe by forming heavenly stars. It drew attention with its unique skill structure that creates and explodes stars to … Read more

Riot Games x Secretlab collaboration! VALORANT-themed gaming chair with gun buddy is now on sale in Japan! – funglr Games

Secretlabis Wednesday, December 21, 2022,Riot GamesA gaming chair with a gun buddy in collaboration with the tactical FPS “VALORANT” developed and operated bySecretlab TITAN Evo 2022 VALORANT” has been released!A special gaming chair with VALORANT image colors and icons, and comes with a rare gun charm “Fist Bump” gun buddy that you can’t see in … Read more

Fluttering Void Empress, Roll New Champ ‘Belveth’ Skillset Revealed

▲ Representative image of ‘Belves’, the 160th champion of League of Legends (photo source: game official website) The 160th champion of League of Legends (hereinafter LOL), which is receiving a lot of attention for its charismatic cinematic video, the skillset of Belveth, Empress of the Void, has been released. On the 25th, Riot Games unveiled … Read more