“Polish Iga Świentek reaches fourth round of Madrid Masters 1000 Tennis Tournament, Carlos Alcaraz defends title against Grigor Dimitrov in men’s game”

2023-04-30 23:13:00 Polish Iga Świentek, ranked first in the world, reached the fourth round of the Madrid Masters 1000 Tennis Tournament, by defeating American Bernarda Pera 6-3, 6-2 in a “tricky match”. Chivontec is preparing to defend its French Open title, its second Grand Slam tournament, in the best possible way, as it achieved its … Read more

Critics and audiences are praising Rogina’s role in Sethom

2023-04-22 15:01:06 After the great success achieved by the series “Sitham”, actress Rogina won the admiration of the public and critics, and was praised by a number of public figures. The first to praise Rogina’s performance in the series was Dr. Maya Morsi, President of the National Council for Women, who said: “Bravo, greetings to … Read more

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods has made $121 million since March…

the date 4/8/2023 11:19:36 PM (MENAFN- Youm7) Shazam! fury of the gods Revenues amounted to 121 million and 403 thousand dollars since its launch on March 17 in various theaters around the world. The work was produced by Warner Bros., and the duration of the work reached two hours and 10 minutes. Shazam! Fury of … Read more

Laeticia Hallyday reacts for the first time exclusively, “what Joy has been through is intolerable, it’s my role to protect her” (video)

16 years ago, Johnny went to seek a little “anonymity” with his family, in Los Angeles. “It was the freedom to be unknown. It made it possible to protect our children from all this media court, sometimes atrocious to live, from the judgment of each other, “says Laeticia. Who, today, must step up to protect … Read more

Baldur’s Gate III will be long overdue on Xbox

Playable since 2020 in early access, the game of Running Studios will officially be released this summer… but not for everyone.If the players on MacOS, PlayStation 5and PC will officially be entitled to it on August 31, this will not be the case on Xbox. The reason is technical, due to difficulties related in particular … Read more

Interview with Li Guangjie: I’m very pleased to be called “the face of the drama” and hope to bring more good characters_Entertainment_Audience_What

Original title: Interview with Li Guangjie: I am very pleased to be called “the face of the drama” and hope to bring more good characters Sohu Entertainment Special Article (Zhuang Zixiu/Wen Yanyan/Video) On February 25, “Sohu 25th Anniversary Celebration and Sohu Fashion Festival” was successfully held in Beijing. Li Guangjie appeared in a black suit, … Read more