The Ukrainian Army’s Strategic Move: Crossing the Dnieper River and Establishing a Bridgehead

2023-11-15 03:35:51 The Ukrainian army crossed the Dnieper River in rubber boats and landed in Kherson to establish a bridgehead. (Illustration) Picture: Screenshot of Twitter video Ukraine has recently made further progress in Kherson, taking the opportunity to cross the Dnieper River through heavy fog. The Russian army’s unmanned genes were unable to detect the … Read more

Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: Latest News and Updates on the War

2023-11-13 03:38:40 New “Meat Grinder” Kills Thousands of Russian Troops a Day!Avdievka was hit hard again and Ukraine lost many Bradleys | International Newtalk NewsThe Ukrainian Army’s Hellwing Squad Raid | The Russia-Ukraine War Podcast#190 | Russia-Ukraine Daily News | TVBS News | 20231112@TVBSNEWS01 TVBS NEWS[Mark Time and Space]Russia fought hard with Avdiv Kavu and … Read more

Russian Siege of Avdievka: The Cost of 6,500 Lives for 1.7 Kilometers

2023-10-30 03:04:03 6,500 lives in exchange for 1.7 kilometers! The Russian 8th Brigade stormed Avdievka and faced the biggest setback since the war began | International Newtalk NewsThe Russian army launched a large-scale attack on Avdivka and wiped out nearly 10,000 enemies, reappearing on the meat-grinding battlefield|You Know Podcast#79|TVBS News @TVBSNEWS01 TVBS NEWSThe Avdiivka siege … Read more

Huge Setback in Afdiivka: Russian Tanks Destroyed, 2,000 People Injured

2023-10-20 03:30:56 Afdiivka suffered a huge setback! More than 250 Russian tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed and more than 2,000 people were injured. Newtalk News40,000 Russian troops encircled and attacked on three sides! The decisive battle between Russia and Ukraine in the Grand Donbass. The Russian army encircled the Avdivka and Ukrainian army mines. … Read more

The Escalating Conflict on the Russian-Ukrainian Frontline: Updates and Analysis

2023-10-12 05:23:17 Israel and Palestine are at war again, and fighting has resumed in the Middle East. The United States’ attention has been distracted. However, the fierce confrontation on the Russian-Ukrainian frontline continues. Currently, 110,000 Russian troops have gathered on the Donbas frontline, and thousands of tanks are firing. The Ukrainian army’s frontline is in … Read more

Ukrainian Army Shells Pro-Russian Separatist Leader Pushilin’s Office in Donestk – Latest Updates and Comprehensive Report

2023-09-19 08:59:00 The office of pro-Russian separatist leader Pushlin was shelled by the Ukrainian army. (Reuters) [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]As the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine continues, the Ukrainian armed forces will begin to attack Russian targets after launching a counterattack. Sources indicate that Ukraine shelled the administrative building in the Russian-occupied area of ​​Donetsk, … Read more