Unveiling Marichka: Ukraine’s Secret Underwater Kamikaze Drone Targeting Russian Ships and the Crimean Bridge

2023-09-27 17:42:00 Ukraine has unveiled images of its new underwater kamikaze drone, capable of hitting Russian ships, but also the Crimean bridge. The drone, which is called Marichka, should soon be launched on Russian warships and submarines. According to information from the Mirror, it is currently being verified, before its deployment. The sea monster, worth … Read more

A company with Russian founders has created a replacement for Roblox and Minecraft

2023-08-12 14:10:40 The company with Russian founders Onlyspace launched the Megamod gaming platform, an analogue of the popular Roblox and Minecraft sandboxes, on the basis of which users themselves can create various games. So far, the platform is in beta, but in the first four months, 3,000 people registered on it and more than 3,000 … Read more

Pipeline Supply in Austria: Updates on Druzhba Oil Pipeline Repairs

2023-08-06 11:39:00 Austria is also supplied via pipelineThe operator left open when the pipeline will be repaired. There is no risk to the health of the population. The Druzhba oil pipeline is one of the largest in the world, delivering Russian oil to much of central Europe – including Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech … Read more

Top Nutrition Tips for Anti-Aging: Experts Reveal Best Foods for Youthful Skin, Strong Bones, and Sharp Mind

2023-07-23 02:27:09 Al-Marsad newspaper: Russian nutritionist Irina Pisareva said in an interview with the Russian website “NEWS.ru” that human skin ages due to a lack of protein, so after passing the age of fifty it is important that people start eating less red meat, and eat light protein such as turkey, chicken or quail meat. … Read more

Real Estate Paralysis in Castellon: A Temporary Setback Amidst Rising Mortgage Rates

2023-07-22 04:02:57 Real estate operations are in a moment of paralysis in Castellonwhich the sector trusts to be temporary, although for the moment no one ventures to make forecasts in the medium and long term. The main cause is in the increase in the price of money, which has led to an increase in mortgage … Read more