ASRock B650M-HDV/M.2 Daewon CTS Mainboard: The Best Value for AMD Ryzen CPUs

2023-05-16 17:03:34 The response to ASRock in the motherboard market these days is quite positive. In the past, it was just a so-called easy brand with a representative name of ‘cost performance’ and ‘low price’, but today it has begun to be called a company that presents products that are comparable in performance to high-end … Read more

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 ( G733 ) Gaming Laptop Review: Equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Mobile Version

2023-05-05 07:17:57 Compared with a few years ago, it was said that gaming laptops were dominated by Intel CPUs paired with NVIDIA GPUs. With the AMD Ryzen processor proving that it has excellent performance for laptops in addition to desktop platforms, there are now many in the market. The top gaming laptop equipped with Ryzen … Read more

Performance Chart for AMD CPU and Graphics Cards: How to Get the Most Out of Your PC Purchase in 2021

2023-04-22 14:15:00 For buyers who are not interested in PCs, ‘how much will the performance of the PC I’m going to purchase be?’ It is natural to be curious about that part. In addition, the reason is that the amount of money you have to burn to buy a PC these days has more than … Read more

Ko0416: I can do both FPS and action adventure! Just like AMD Ryzen 7000 series processor Feat. “Crouching Dragon: Heaven Falls” | 4Gamers

Ko0416 Gao Zhifeng, if you are a PUBG player, you must be familiar with him. Although he is from Hong Kong, but because he is fluent in Mandarin, he will be called a native of Keelung, Taipei. As a full-time host. Speaking of the time spent fighting around, Ko mentioned the TWITCH BROADCASTER ROYALE live … Read more

AMD’s most powerful nuclear display runs against the sky!Even tied with GTX 1650, RX 480–Quick Technology–Technology changes the future

AMD’s new generation of Ryzen 7040HS series not only has 4nm process, Zen4 CPU architecture, but also upgraded to RDNA3 GPU architecture core display Radeon 780M, with up to 12 units/768 stream processors, the highest frequency is 2.8GHz (initially set to 3GHz), performance Mobile versions of GTX 1650 Ti and RTX 2050 can already be … Read more

UM773 Lite SE: Mini PC appears in an eye-catching special edition

UM773 Lite SE: Mini PC in a special edition with a striking look Miniforum now also offers the UM773 Lite in a special version. It is still a fairly powerful mini PC based on an AMD processor. Minisforum also offers the UM773 Lite in a special edition. This brings with it a special optical design, … Read more