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2023-11-04 09:46:12 ** ****** ******* **** *** ************ ** **** ************* ** ****** *** ******** ** ** ***** ******** ********** ** ******** *** ** ******** ** ************** ** ******* ** ********** ** *************** ********** ********* *** ***** ** ******** *** ******* ** ***** ** ****** ** ********* ** ************** ****** ***** **** *** **** ******* … Read more

Rescue Mission: Firefighters Save Animals Trapped in Building Fire on Rue Isaac, Charleroi

2023-11-03 09:56:22 The Marcinelle firefighters, under the orders of Lieutenant Melchior, were called this Friday morning, around 10 a.m., for a thick release of smoke, emanating from a building located on rue Isaac, upper town of Charleroi. F. Vanhove The two occupants of this building were able to evacuate the building before the firefighters arrived: … Read more

Attempted Kidnapping in Tertre: Vanessa’s Terrifying Experience and Safety Tips

2023-10-23 17:08:00 Vanessa, 38, had the fear of her life. This Friday, around 1 p.m., in a parking lot in Tertre, she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping. The procedure is sadly reminiscent of a story that caused a lot of noise in our region. of videos Vanessa was turning around in a parking … Read more

Multiple Cars Set on Fire in rue Camille Toussaint, Havré: Residents Shocked and Disappointed

2023-09-29 13:23:05 The residents of rue Camille Toussaint, in Havré, are disappointed. Since the start of the work on their street, they have parked their car on rue de Ville, in Ville-sur-Haine. During the night from Thursday to Friday, around 1 a.m., they were horrified to see their cars set on fire. In total, six … Read more

Preventing Suicides at the Remouchamps Viaduct: A Life-Saving Intervention by Emergency Services

2023-09-26 15:43:47 Tuesday, during the afternoon, emergency services were called to intervene in Remouchamps where a man had the firm intention of ending his life. In fact, a man aged around thirty and residing in Rocourt, in the territory of the city of Liège, wanted to take his own life. He therefore headed towards Remouchamps … Read more

Major Animal Rescue Effort After House Fire in Amay, Belgium

2023-06-10 10:45:59 The SRPA intervened this Saturday following the major fire that occurred at Thier Philippart in Amay. The owner of the house, a septuagenarian, had many animals, chicks and pigeons, but also goats and dogs. Read also Fire in Amay: “We invite residents not to eat vegetables from their vegetable garden” Fabrice Renard, of … Read more