New Road Tax for Motorhomes in Wallonia: Impact and Regulations in 2022

2023-07-28 07:17:35 The new road tax for utilities not used by professionals in Wallonia in 2022 was a first blow for individuals wishing to buy a motorhome. Taxation, which has become identical to that of a car, has thus sometimes been multiplied by 6 for certain vehicles because of their power and the ecomalus. *** … Read more

“Police Summon Coldplay Concert Ticket Provider in Fraud Case Investigation”

2023-05-19 17:00:00 Saturday, 20 May 2023 – 00:00 WIB VIVA National – Bareskrim Polri will summon the official ticket provider or seller for the Coldplay concert in Jakarta in the near future. The summons is related to the alleged fraud case of buying and selling Coldplay concert tickets that occurred recently. “We will invite official … Read more