The huge success of a social network that allows you to send anonymous compliments

Will giving compliments become fashionable? Discord has just acquired the social network Gas. The goal ? Send compliments anonymously to friends. What put balm in the heart. Will social networks become a “safe place”? This is the direction Discord seems to be heading. The platform, which has seen renewed interest following the various bad buzz … Read more

Meet VALL-E, an artificial intelligence capable of sending messages with your voice

The new ChatGPT intelligence has been on everyone’s lips for a few days, but here is already another AI that is likely to be talked about a lot. This is VALL-E, which is able to send audio messages of your choice by imitating your voice, with the emotions that go with it. Imagine chatting over … Read more

British Post is under electronic attack » Iraqi News Agency

Follow – consciousToday, Wednesday, Western media confirmed that the British Postal Service had been subjected to a temporary cyberattack. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram And the Associated Press reported, on Wednesday evening, that the British Postal Service had suffered an electronic accident, earlier in the day, that prevented it from … Read more

Now you can send money via Google Wallet with a text message

Now you can send money via Google Wallet with a text message date of publication : Sunday 12:00 2015-12-13 Google has updated its mobile payment app, Google Wallet, and now all you have to do is send money to anyone with their mobile number.Instead of needing an email address for the recipient, you can send … Read more

Investors are celebrating a Florida court decision sending shares of GSK and Sanofi up at a rapid pace

There have been lawsuits in the US about the drug Zantac for quite some time. According to the plaintiffs, this should probably be responsible for the development of cancer. At least in one state, the disputes will not be carried out in court. A judge in Florida recently put a stop to that. For Robin … Read more

Legendary Path and Order of Dominant Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple

The Legendary Path It is one of the main activities that we can experience in the history of Scarlet Pokmon and Purple Pokmon. Helping Damin in his investigation of the hidden spices we will have to go in search of several dominant Pokemon mentioned in the scarlet book or the purple book. In this entry … Read more