Helena Vidal will be the head of the list of the Más Región-Verdes Equo coalition

Helena Vidal will be the head of the list of the Más Región-Verdes Equo coalitionFrancisco Penaranda The co-spokesperson for Verdes-Equo Región de Murcia and regional deputy, Helena Vidal Brazales (Linares, Jaén, 1992), will be the head of the list of the Más Región-Verdes Equo coalition, which this Saturday presented its candidacy for the Regional Assembly … Read more

Nintendo officially announces that it will not be present at E3 2023 – Nintendo

It was a rumor. It’s now official: Nintendo will be absent from theE3 2023the “great” video game trade fair in The Angels scheduled from June 13, 2023. In a press release (particularly relayed by VentureBeat) Nintendo explained that he would not participate This year at the show quite simply because it did not coincide with … Read more

Nintendo Switch Online will be available on the next Nintendo Switch – Rumor

L’ uk competition and markets authoritys (CMA) has published investigation following l’acquisition d’Activision Blizzard par Microsoft. For this, she made several comparisons between the different consoles on the market and the offers that characterize them with however certain references “cut” (deleted) because evoking elements not officially revealed. Thus, in the part reserved for the CLOUD, a … Read more

What will the year of the Water Rabbit be like according to Ludovica Squirru?

The January 22, 2023 starts on Chinese New Year, ruled by the Water Rabbit. After the scratches of the Tiger (2022), we prepare to receive the Dragon in a change of cycle, already announced by the astrologer Ludovica Squirru Dari. What energies will be present at this Chinese New Year 2023. The Chinese astrology expert … Read more

Teófilo Gutiérrez would reach Universitario de Perú after few offers in Colombian soccer | Colombians Abroad

Teofilo Gutierrez, one of the most outstanding players that Colombian soccer has had, he continues to search for a new team after leaving Deportivo Cali and despite having offers from Liga BetPlay teams, he was never able to reach an economic agreement with any club. A few days ago a possible interest from Junior from … Read more

there will be no Elimination Gala today, when will it be and what will happen tonight

Today Sunday, there will be no Elimination Galasuch is the custom of Big Brother. However, from 10:15 p.m., a special program is expected, since it is likely that there will be a special surprise for the participants inside the house. The Elimination Gala will take place tomorrow, Monday, January 9the day the second season of … Read more