C. Ronaldo has no way out after tearing up with Manchester United… – Sina Football

C. Ronaldo has no retreat after tearing up with Manchester United… On August 16 this year, in the face of overwhelming transfer rumors, C. Ronaldo(Cristiano Ronaldo)Wrote this on social media: “When I do an interview in a few weeks time, people will know the truth. The media is lying, I have a notebook, and in … Read more

Madil scored 3 goals and 2 assists this season, but he was injured again… – Sina Football

Madil scored 3 goals and 2 assists this season, but he was injured again… Madir(Anthony Martial)This season is very efficient, but the body is a little more fragile. In this game against Everton, Madil was selected to play, in the 15th minute, Madil made a direct pass, Anthony(Antony Matheus)A single-handed shot into the lower left … Read more

AC Milan vs Juventus Live Scores 08/10/2022

Milan is more decisive Red Devils AC Milan returned to good form, opening the house to defeat the Zebra Juventus 2-0, grabbing 3 important points successfully. In this game, Milan still has a lot of injury problems and the start of the game seems to be a problem until it becomes a Juventus side that … Read more

Serie A: Roma reversed away from home and won Inter Milan for the first time in five years | Inter Milan | Mourinho | Madman

[The Epoch Times, October 2, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Wang Yezhi comprehensive report) After two weeks of international competitions, the major European leagues have reignited the war.existSerie AIn the focus battle of the 8th round,RomeThe team conceded a goal in the away game, scored two goals in a row, and won a 2-1 reversal.Inter Milan, … Read more

A panel from Naples “Kim Min-jae Seok-kwon, I’ll break through the sky”

Napoli striker Callario says he thought he was in the stratosphere about Kim’s extraordinary air power [골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “Kim Min-jae’s header ability seemed to break through the stratosphere” Emanuel Callario, who played for Naples in the past, praised Kim Min-jae’s extraordinary air power. In an interview published in Arena Naples on the … Read more