Managing Menopause: Understanding the Causes and Treatment Options to Improve Quality of Life

2023-12-10 00:55:07 The main cause is ‘menopause’… Usually starts in the mid to late 40sRapid physical and psychological changes appear like disease dominoesFrom initial fever and night sweats to osteoporosis and dementia [이데일리 이순용 기자] Menopause, which occurs around the age of 50, is often referred to as the four-year period. It is an expression … Read more

Tragic Accident: Father and Child Hit by Car on Sidewalk – Latest News Updates

2023-12-06 07:53:18 Tragic accident this morning: a father and his child hit by a car on the sidewalk, “he died instantly” Sudinfo.beDrama in Flemish Brabant: a father and his child hit by a car while they were on… DH Les Sports +A man dies hit by a car on the sidewalk, his son in danger … Read more

Strength Training for Elderly: Increase Muscle Mass and Mobility – It’s Never Too Late to Start

2023-12-04 08:28:53 ▶ Experimental study on the effect of strength training on elderly people: Up to 46% increase in muscle mass among elderly people after 3 months ▶ “It’s never too late” for weight training. Contrary to popular belief among most gym-goers and even some scientists, healthy people in their 60s, 70s, and older can … Read more

ST Pharm’s Breakthrough AIDS Treatment Technology Export and Global Market Growth

2023-12-01 00:05:11 [이데일리 김지완 기자] It has been confirmed that ST Pharm (237690) is receiving a flood of inquiries about its technology export for its AIDS treatment. ST Pharm researchers are conducting research on the treatment. (Photo = ST Pharm) According to ST Pharm on the 26th, ST Pharm is conducting technology export negotiations with … Read more

The Benefits of Lignans: Preventing Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Menopausal Symptoms

2023-11-29 06:46:59 Park Jeong-yong, sesame oil expert. Queens Bucket CEO [박정용 참기름 전문가. 쿠엔즈버킷 대표] The representative functional ingredient of sesame oil is ‘lignan’. Lignans are mainly accumulated in the woody tissues, seeds and roots of plants and are directly involved in the defense mechanisms of plants as polyphenols. Lignans, which are phenolic compounds, are … Read more

Igene (185490) Receives HREC Approval for Easy-Covtu COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial in Australia

2023-11-23 02:22:02 [이데일리 김응태 기자] Igene (185490) received approval from the Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) for phase 1 and 2a clinical trial (IND) for ‘Easy-Covtu’ (EG-COVII), a messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA)-based multivalent vaccine for preventing COVID-19. It was announced on the 23rd that approval for the change had been obtained. The purpose of … Read more