“It Prompted Me to Ponder”

Chayenne Van Aarle introduced her new partner after a few months of being together, which were intense due to her recent car accident that prevented her from participating and passing on the Miss Belgium 2023 crown. Nicolas Geniets, a television and music producer, is no longer her partner. Reflecting on her recovery, Van Aarle stated … Read more

The lone wolves refuted the enemy’s allegations and revealed the fate of the perpetrator of the Megiddo operation

This evening, the Revolutionary Council of the “Galilee Forces – the Lone Wolves” issued a military communiqué, through which it sent a message to Israel and its army. The Council said in the statement, which was reported by “Russia Today”: “In light of the internal crises that afflict the Zionist entity, and under the influence … Read more

Sturdy and well-made monitor stand – Fellows Flex FLEX single monitor arm: Dana and DPG don’t break my heart

I think the desk setup hot item is the monitor arm. Using a monitor arm has the advantage of being more free in height and distance adjustment compared to the basic stand. In addition, the ‘Fellows Flex FLEX Single Monitor Arm’ to be introduced can attach a monitor to the wall. As a result, the … Read more

Minister of Finance Risk peak of individual corporate bonds

Minister Ho Duc Phuc affirmed: “It is necessary to regain confidence in individual bonds” This is the sharing of Finance Minister Ho Duc Phuc with the press about the corporate bond market. Although the Government and management agencies have taken many actions and solutions, the “risky” peak of individual corporate bonds has not passed, or … Read more

The entire social media movement and the mosquitoes • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sheikh Fahd bin Hathleen, Chairman of the Council of the Camel Club and General Supervisor of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, congratulated Rahaf Al-Qahtani, the presenter of the “Council of Pilgrims” program, on her career, which he described as “creative.” You have lost the law “Ibn Hathlin” told “Rahaf” during a phone call … Read more

Amr Diab reveals the promo of his new song in 2023 (video)

11:50 pm Sunday 01 January 2023 Books – Hani Saber: Singer Amr Diab revealed the promo of his new song, coinciding with the first day of the new year 2023, which he is preparing to release within days. “Diab” published an audio clip of part of the song’s music, and its name was not revealed, … Read more