The Insingers, big earners during slavery, examine their own role

Amsterdam City ArchivesThe Insinger sisters who founded the foundation of the same name in 1913 NOS Nieuws•maandag, 15:03 Insinger was a very big name during the time of slavery. The share of plantations in Suriname was considerable, the number of enslaved people enormous. But never before has research into the history of slavery been conducted … Read more

Apologies and Reparations: Recognizing the Crimes of Slavery in the Netherlands

2023-07-02 06:16:00 “Today I stand before you as king and member of government. Today I personally apologize to you,” Willem-Alexander said to cheers at an event marking 150 years of the emancipation of slaves in the former Dutch colonies, at the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. Thousands of descendants of people enslaved in the former South American … Read more

The Mississippi Blues Trail – and what you have to see

The Blues tells of the hard life in the Mississippi Delta. In this vast plain, where black Americans worked as former enslaved cotton pickers and farmers, the genre of blues music emerged. The melodies and emotional lyrics developed from the gospel – the “spirituals” – which told the story of the black resistance, from work … Read more

Will Smith is on the run in the trailer for Apple’s Emancipation

Antoine Fuqua recently held a screening for his upcoming Apple TV+ film Emancipationwhich stars Will Smith as the real-life slave who famously posed for a photo published in Harper’s Weekly that showcased his horrifically scarred back (a crucial piece of compelling evidence for campaigns against slavery at the time), and everyone seems to have nothing … Read more

Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo seeks redress

AA / Peter Kum In a series of tweets, Ghana’s president on Tuesday reiterated his remarks made at a Monday summit in Accra on racial reparations and healing, a speech in which he pleaded for reparations to be paid. to the African continent. “It is time that Africa, whose 20 million sons and daughters had … Read more