2023 Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals: Spain vs Sweden – Live Broadcast Info, Date, Time, and TV Coverage

2023-08-14 23:11:11 Spain will face Sweden in the semi-finals of the 2023 Women’s World Cup tomorrow. All information about transmission on free TV, date, time and a live ticker can be found here. The 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is now in its final phase. Germany was eliminated in the group … Read more

Fear of Spiders and Snakes: The World Cup Experience in Australia

2023-07-14 21:30:15 By: Robert Schreier (currently in Australia) and Erik Peters Our soccer players are not afraid of the World Cup opponents – but they are all the more afraid of the animals in Australia. Before things get really serious on the pitch, one thing dominates the team hotel in Wyong: spiders and snakes! also … Read more

Florencia Bonsegundo joined the women’s preselection for the World Cup

2023-06-20 21:37:50 The women’s preselection continues with its preparation for the Women’s World Cup in Australia / New Zealand 2023. This Tuesday the team met again and Florencia Bonsegundo from Cordoba was present, one of the new ones mentioned by the coach Germán Portanova for this new microcycle. The day began in the Complex 1 … Read more

BVB: Did Giovanni Reyna’s parents want to blackmail US coach Berhalter? | Sports

An alleged extortion scandal is causing a stir in the United States. According to media reports, right in the middle: the parents of Dortmund midfielder Giovanni Reyna (20) and national coach Gregg Berhalter (49). At the World Cup in Qatar, Reyna only made two appearances and was only on the pitch for 52 minutes. Coach … Read more

Soccer legend (82†): “Even the ball asked Pelé for an autograph”

Fepeu Ple eekl Pehnupeu Nell? Vutteu Ple vlppeu, vel pel luttple Iulloael nup klulelQeupple Zealel lu pel 6epeklekle pep BnQpettp vel? Vutteu Ple pel Vuauepe lklel pooleu 6epnll elu Pekulooekeu pekteaeu nup plek Oll elaeueu Pnaeu peu oplkellpekeu 6eunpp peluep klulelQeupeu Petteenpelp aouueu? Beuu pleeheu Ple hnle ent peu Guuot – elu Gtleh klel aeueal: … Read more

Where did you see the soccer world cup? Half are “TV”, but 20% of “ABEMA” shocks! … Men in their 20s are almost the same The charm of “ABEMA” is “All games are free” and “The commentator was good”: J-CAST Company watch[Full text display]

The FIFA World Cup Qatar Tournament opened on November 20, 2022, and the Samurai Blue defeated powerhouses Germany and Spain to excite all of Japan. In addition to the great success of the Japanese national team, what attracted attention throughout Japan was the free live broadcast of all 64 games on the Internet TV platform … Read more

Angle: World Cup winning Argentina, reality of ‘default crisis’ | Reuters

NEW YORK/BUENOS AIRES (Archyde.com) – Argentines explode with joy after their national team won the World Cup in Qatar. The victory lifted my mood when I was depressed by the economic downturn and inflation. On December 21st, the people of Argentina are bursting with joy over their national team’s stunning win at the World Cup … Read more