The Court of Auditors calls for cutting social security spending

Social Security spending must be reduced more than ever, insists the Court of Auditors in its report published Wednesday morning. Because the health crisis has … Read more

New York, American capital of loneliness

08/03/2018 05:00 – Updated: 03/11/2018 19:08 “I am the lonely man of God,” said Robert de Niro in ‘Taxi Driver’, as he slid into a … Read more

Set a minimum requirement of 24 days of home office per year

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil Not everyone can work from home: “Of course, a baker cannot bake bread rolls from home,” says Heil. (Photo: AFP) Berlin … Read more

The health insurance companies will lack 16 billion euros in 2021

Jens Spahn, Minister of Health In spring 2018, Spahn took over the Ministry of Health at a time of historic premium income and ample reserves … Read more

a hefty bill for Social Security at 2.2 billion

Available without a prescription and reimbursed at 100% by the Social Security, they are very popular with the population. But the strategy is extremely expensive. … Read more

“Medicines are chronically out of stock because they are not profitable enough”

Sporadic ten years ago, drug shortages have continued to worsen, to the point that in 2019, no less than 1,499 drugs were reported in difficulty … Read more

What a run-off means for customers

Frankfurt In the low interest rate environment, classic life insurance policies, some of which still have high interest guarantees, are a burden for many insurers. … Read more

Employers and unions urge that the Budgets already finance part of the expenses of the pension system | Economy

The Toledo Pact Commission has resumed its work with the intention of accelerating a parliamentary agreement on recommendations for the reform of the pension system. … Read more