Australia: Inflation hits highest level since 1990 | Finance

People shop at a supermarket in Canberra, Australia. (Photo: AFP/VNA) According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Sydney, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said: inflationary in the country rose to 7.8% in 2022, the highest level since 1990. This is due to the higher cost of domestic and international holidays, coupled with higher electricity … Read more

Four strategies to make spending in the health system more efficient, according to Harvard experts

Four strategies to make spending in the health system more efficient, according to Harvard experts

Five days of eight hours each day in a seminar at the TH Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University are enough to put together a general overview of how the American health system works and how it contrasts with those of Latin America. Refocus on primary care, improve the quality of systems, move … Read more

When the mortgage ends up in court: all the disputes between banks and their clients | My finances section

The last episode aired on January 5. That day the most recent decision of the Supreme Court on the abusive clauses of mortgages was known. With a ruling dated December 15, the High Court once again agreed with the banks regarding the validity of the agreements signed between entities and clients, in which the latter … Read more

The average cost of ‘revolving’ cards remains above 22% per year | My finances section

From 22.86% registered in June of last year to 22.84% in December. In six months the average annual cost generated by paying with a card revolving —that peculiar type of plastic that is characterized by automatically renewing the part of credit that the consumer repays to the bank each month and by having reduced return … Read more

The setback to the social spending plan in the US makes the end of the year bitter for Biden

The year does not end as the president of U.S, Joe Biden, I would have liked. The inflation galloping hits the pockets and the spirits despite the good situation of an economy boosted thanks to the $ 1.9 trillion aid plan implemented in the face of the pandemic, with growth prospects and data unparalleled in … Read more