Dr. Sreejesh 1 crore for Shamshir field Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil Announces 1 Crore For Sreejesh

Dubai മലയാളി Malayalee goalkeeper P.R. Expatriate entrepreneur Dr. Shamshir Vayal announces a prize of Rs 1 crore for Sreejesh. He said the award was in … Read more

Tokyo Olympics 13th Day, Live | Tokyo Olympics 2020 Games, Day 13, Live

After Neeraj Chopra’s final in the Tokyo Javelin Throw, India’s hope and despair in Olympic wrestling today. In the men’s freestyle (57 kg), India’s Ravi … Read more

Tokyo Olympics Day 11, Live | Tokyo Olympics 2020 Games, Day 11, Live

Tokyo Olympics Dyuthi Chand, who competed in the women’s 200m, was eliminated from the semis once again. Dyuthi, who competed in the fourth heats, finished … Read more