Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox in 2024

2023-07-29 15:13:35 Fan Festival 2023 took place in Las Vegas this Friday evening. The opportunity for Square Enix et Phil Spencer in person, to announce Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox Series X|S. Enjoyed being onstage with Yoshi-P and Kiryu-san to announce Final Fantasy XIV coming to Xbox. We’re thrilled that the Xbox community will join … Read more

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Final Fantasy XVI: A Comprehensive Review” or “Final Fantasy XVI: Reasons for Convincing and Critical Assessment

2023-07-08 22:00:00 It’s not just about racial issues… “Final Fantasy XVI” called “pros and cons” both domestically and internationally “Reasons for convincing” (July 9, 2023) | . Is this “solid” or “safe”? AUTOMATON Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy 16, a game that specializes in clearing games, the number of sales has decreased compared to the … Read more

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard and Potential Square Enix Deal: Expanding Xbox’s Influence in the Asian Market

2023-06-29 04:04:28 Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has provided many interesting game industry secrets in various countries’ scrutiny so far. The most recent one is that Microsoft has also considered acquiring the Japanese game manufacturer Square Enix. The main reason is that it hopes to use this Enhance the influence of Xbox in the Asian … Read more

“Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon Board Game” to be Released

2023-06-22 08:46:00 Square Enix announced on June 22nd (Thursday) that its new product “Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon Board Game]Announced the release of. The tax-included price is 4,620 yen, and the scheduled release date is December. In addition, at the time of writing this article, Square Enix’s EC site “e-STORE” is accepting reservations.  『Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeonis a … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 – review, RPG, PlayStation 5

2023-06-21 14:00:58 Final Fantasy 16: A breathtaking start The troop from the beginning of the game is also dressed in dark colors, but unlike the characters from Final Fantasy 15, their outfits are not reminiscent of a boy band. Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t hesitate, but starts with its greatest strength: Den visually stunning esper fights. … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 will finally have a small pre-launch patch

2023-06-18 07:47:00 Square Enix has announced in a broadcast focused on the Japanese public that Final Fantasy XVI have a pre-release patch despite the fact that a few weeks ago they assured that it would not have it. Producer Naoki Yoshida has apologized for this update of 300 MBbut ensures that it will be possible … Read more