Eddy Snelders: Former Football Player’s Arrest and Professional Support

2023-12-06 17:22:08 Sports commentator and former football player Eddy Snelders, 64, was arrested and questioned this weekend, before being released on bail, the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Wednesday. This arrest would be linked to acts of morality and exhibitionism, according to several media. of videos The prosecution did not wish to reveal the … Read more

Sketches of Justice: A Defiant Defendant’s Trials and Tribulations in the Brussels Courthouse

2023-11-26 09:01:00 Sarah (not her real name) walks alone, proud and insolent, into the courtroom of the Brussels Courthouse where French-speaking cases from the Hal-Vilvoorde district are being processed. Light makeup highlights her dark eyes. Nothing seems to impress him: neither the magistrates, nor the decorum, nor the procedure. “Do you know what you are … Read more

Challenges and Controversies Surrounding President Biden’s Age and Health

2023-11-12 16:08:00 But the optics of the stiff gait of an ageing president have presented a challenge to the White House. It decided in 2023 that Mr Biden would use a shorter, sturdier set of stairs to disembark from Air Force One. This was after a series of stumbles on the occasionally wobbly 18-foot staircase … Read more

Nicolas Raskin: The Unfortunate Season Continues with Possible Long-Term Injury

2023-11-02 07:19:19 Nicolas Raskin is unlucky this season. While he had already missed several matches following a muscle injury, the former Rouche could again be absent from the field for a long time. On Saturday, when he had just struck, the Belgian lay down directly on the ground, grimacing, a sign that the pain was … Read more

The Unpredictable Showdown: Ghent vs. Westerlo – Exploring the Magic of Football

2023-10-29 06:29:12 What is special about Ghent and Westerlo? These two formations constitute the bane of their visitors of the day. Rouches for the Buffalos and Unionists for the Campinois. Engaged in a more than interesting cruising speed, the usual victims now want to turn into hunters. To injure their prey, and collect the units … Read more

CMMM Standard Application Forum was held to help the development of the automotive industry_Manufacturing_Intelligence_Industry

2023-10-23 23:04:00 Original title: CMMM Standard Application Forum held to help the development of the automotive industry Report from this newspaper (Reporter Cai Yi, Sun Weijie, Shen Yuqing) On October 21, the CMMM Standard Application (High-end Equipment and Auto Parts) sub-forum was held in Huishan. Focusing on the seven high-value typical practice models in the … Read more