Genome Center: Accelerating Forensic Science and Criminology in Dubai Police

2023-09-18 03:29:30 Dubai: Forensic provides critical support in criminal cases Gene helps in getting test results in record speed Dubai Police has opened Noam Center. Forensic Science and Criminology Department of Dubai Police Jee with the most modern equipment under Ment Started by NOM Center. Dubai Kiritava during the Dubai Police Officers Club visit Kashi … Read more

Bhikunna Project: Bahrain’s Thriving Tourism & Commercial Hub | Nass Contracting Company & Bahrain Marina Company Partnership

2023-09-13 02:43:36 Manama: From 200 million dinars to 2,56,000 square meters radius Bhikunna project has started. 92 million dinar project is Nass Contracting Company. Complete step 1 of The aim is to transform it into the best tourism and commercial hub in the region. Mm. Creating more jobs along with the economic growth of the … Read more

Belinda’s Harassment Case: Exposing a Four-Year Nightmare in the Province of Liège

2023-09-03 15:26:41 According to Belinda, the problems started four years ago, since her involvement in the Yellow Vests movement. She explains that she was moved from service to service as if to be pushed out. His media appearances have multiplied, which would not have pleased his general management. A situation which has obviously led to … Read more

Demolition of the Old Hannut Toy Library: Creating a Minute Drop-off Point

2023-08-10 15:38:58 ** ****** *********** ** ***** ** ****** ********* ** ************ ****** ****** ****** ******** * ******** *** ****** ** ******** ************ ** *********** ** ****** ************ *************** ******* ***** ** ******* ** ****** ** ************ ************ *********** ** ******* ************* Read also The old Hannut toy library soon to be razed to create … Read more

Road Construction Project on Rue de la Déportation in Haine-Saint-Pierre: Updates and Impact on Mobility

2023-08-02 03:00:00 Many motorists were surprised to discover construction machinery and vehicles on Monday at rue de la Déportation in Haine-Saint-Pierre, a road heavily used by motorists coming from Binche to get to La Louvière. Just by observing this beginning of the construction site, one suspects that the work started will last a certain time. … Read more

Transforming Hotel des Chemins de Fer in Charleroi: Future Home of Restaurants and Apartments

2023-06-10 07:00:00 Built in 1938, on the banks of the Sambre, the hotel des chemins de fer is set to be transformed within two years. The start of the construction site went almost unnoticed. For nearly a month, however, a small team has been hard at work there every day. ********** ****** ** ********* ***** … Read more