DTCENT reveals plans in the second half of the year to open more GPS service centers, pinning a total of 8 locations by the end of the year.

2023-08-22 03:01:00 D.T.C. Plc. Enterprise (DTCENT) unfolds its business plan for the second half of the year. Go through opening service centers and selling GPS Tracking products in 8 major cities within this year. Emphasis on expanding the market to more private cars, while the IoT Solution-AI event grabs an AI system to manage the … Read more

SET aims to tighten control on low free float stocks – found 22 stocks at risk of trading suspension – delisting from the market

2023-08-04 11:03:51 The SET opens for comments on the revision of regulations for listed companies. Found to prepare for strict control – managing low-floating free stocks Leverage measures to hang C and SP signs, as well as withdraw shares from the market. come into force instead of collecting fees Scanned stocks across the market, found … Read more

This morning, the Thai stock market index closed at 1,535.88 points, an increase of 0.58 points or 0.04%.

2023-07-19 05:31:00 E-Finance Thai News Agency- -19 Jul. ’23 12:31 p.m. E-Finance Thai News Agency (19 July ’23)– with a trading value of 30,056.79 million baht. The top 5 most traded securities are: 1.BANPU closed at 9.30 baht, increased by 0.15 baht, trading value 1,350.72 million baht 2.CPALL closed at 62.75 baht, decreased by -0.25 … Read more

Blue Card invites members to easily win a gold necklace without using points.

2023-07-11 04:24:00 Blue Card Loyalty Program with happiness in a variety of styles in one card Invite members to participate in special activities to win awesome prizes every month. Easy to win, no accumulated points required. If the points are not enough, you can win. Blue Card members can click to win the grand prize … Read more

Winners-Losers Investment opportunity in the second half of the year | Economic Insight 10 Jul. ’23(FULL)

2023-07-10 20:22:44 Live program from 08.00-08.30 and rerun from 14.05-14.30 00.00-00.30 00:00 Start of the program 01:34 Win Pan Gongsheng as Governor of the People’s Bank of China 04:55 Advertising Spot 07:27 Winners-Losers Investment Opportunity in the second half of the year 22:44 Advertising Spot 25:02 GAC invests in Thai, Phase 1, 6 Billion Channels … Read more

OR Thailand Grand Prix 2023: The World’s Largest Two-Wheeler Race in Thailand’s MotoGP Stadium

2023-07-05 10:24:00 The Thai government joins hands with the private sector. Press conference on hosting the world’s largest two-wheeler race, MotoGP, Thailand Stadium under the name “OR Thailand Grand Prix 2023”, confirming readiness in all aspects, fixing weaknesses, highlighting strengths to become the best MotoGP in the world pinned to number one in the hearts … Read more