Measures against account sharing: Netflix will soon ask millions of users to pay

Measures against account sharing Netflix will soon ask millions of users to checkout 01/20/2023, 10:09 p.m “Love means sharing a password” – that’s how the Netflix streaming service advertised account sharing five years ago. But now the company is putting an end to the popular practice. If you want to share your access, you will … Read more

Netflix reports strong growth and new boss duo

Dhe streaming service Netflix has caused some disappointments over the past year, but with its fourth-quarter figures presented on Thursday after the market close, it managed to close the market on a positive note. He gained significantly more subscribers than expected. The share price rose more than 6 percent in after-hours trading on Thursday. Netflix … Read more

What music streaming is worth the money in 2023?

After testing literally every major music streaming service on the market, I finally decided to write about the platforms that are most worth paying for today. However, the decision will not be made solely on the basis of the price charged or the presence of the MQA [1]do Dolby Atmos [2] or Audio Spatial, as … Read more

Spotify suffers instability on the night of this Friday the 13th

O Spotify, the main streaming music in the Brazilian market, presents instabilities on the night of this Friday, January 13th. Both on the cell phone and on the computer, the application does not load the songs available on the platform and sometimes informs that “Something went wrong”. So far, the reason for the problem is … Read more