Liège Firefighters Rescue Toddler Trapped in Playground Barrier: An Intense Rescue Story

2023-09-25 14:52:19 The Liège firefighters intervened on Monday around 11:40 a.m. at the Saint-Remacle school, located rue des Prébendiers 4020 in Liège. And for good reason, a little girl aged two and a half had her head stuck in the bars of a barrier. The Liège firefighters therefore used their extrication tools to move aside … Read more

Title: “Expert Guide: Rescuing a Stranded Cow from a River – Techniques, Tips, and More”

2023-09-07 16:25:00 ** ********* *** ********* **** ** ***** *********** * ****** *** ****** *********** **** *** ********* *************** *** ***** ****** ******** **** ** ********* ************* ****** ***** *** ** ****** ******* ****** **** ***** ********* *** ******* ** ***** ******* ** **** *** ****** ** ****** ** *** ******** ****** **** ******** ** … Read more

Soldier Trapped Under Trailer: A Nighttime Incident in Rue de Soignies

2023-08-21 14:29:06 The facts take place in the night from Sunday to Monday, in the rue de Soignies, near the municipal school Odénat Bouton. This 39-year-old soldier found his foot trapped under a trailer. -DR Living in Ecaussinnes since 2012, Gregory Chanterie brings the trailer into his garage as usual. But no luck: he finds … Read more

Unbelievable Attack: Woman Covered in Tomato Sauce by Unknown Assailants

2023-08-16 19:40:00 Evi, 23, still can’t understand what happened to her on Monday night. While she wanted to go to an event organized by the municipality, the young woman was attacked in a very funny way. “We arrived at the corner of the street and the Place de Gistel”, she explains in the columns of … Read more

Finding Freedom: Overcoming Reduced Mobility with Stannah Stair Chairs

2023-08-16 04:22:00 Séverine is 51 years old and has had reduced mobility for years: “Because of spina bifida, my mobility has been reduced over the years, I can only move around in a wheelchair”, confides this resident. of Strée. The evolution of her state of health forced Séverine to have a Stannah, one of those … Read more

Muddy Madness: A Tractor Clearing Nightmare Gets Viral – Watch Videos and Testimonies of an Epic Survival

2023-08-06 12:13:03 A tractor had already had to clear it overnight from Friday to Saturday. But the worst was yet to come for David Claes the following night. of videos “I eat mud!” At the beginning, there was nervousness, insults. “But after a while, people took it on and solidarity got organized. It was thanks … Read more