King Body Art: Overcoming Discrimination in the Workplace and the Acting Industry

2023-09-25 14:03:58 A native of Birmingham, UK, is accused of being discriminated against at work because of his body tattoos. 43-year-old Matthew Whelan came forward with the revelation. He had officially changed his name to King Body Art. He also says that the tattoo on his body attracts others. In the beginning, he struggled a … Read more

Lee Hyo-ri “I want to erase my butt tattoo… My mother-in-law is shocked to see her”

2023-09-05 00:47:59 Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.09.05 09:47 /Photo=Singer Lee Hyo-ri of the YouTube channel ‘Crazy Hyung Shin Dong-yeop’ selected ‘hip tattoo’ as a tattoo she wants to get rid of. On the 4th, a video featuring Lee Hyo-ri was released on the YouTube channel ‘Crazy Hyung Shin Dong-yeop’. /Picture = Youtube channel … Read more

Chinese Athlete Wu Yanni’s Inspiring Response to Controversial Tattoo: Championing Individuality and Determination

2023-08-09 06:35:45 China’s “Goddess of Athletics” Wu Yanni won a good result in the Chengdu Universiade. (Picture / flip from Weibo) The Chengdu Universiade has just ended. China’s “goddess of track and field” Wu Yanni won the runner-up in the women’s 100m hurdles final with a time of 12.76 seconds, which aroused attention and discussion … Read more

Mermaid in the body to remove that fear; This girl has the biggest back tattoo in Kerala

2023-07-31 03:14:13 A girl who has loved the art of tattooing since childhood in our country where tattoos and piercings are still not ‘normal’. Now she also holds the tag of being the first girl with the biggest back tattoo in Kerala. Aileen Maria from Kottayam who has 17 thousand followers on Instagram has 9 … Read more

Heartwarming Delivery Stories: Generous Tips and Kind Customers

2023-07-20 06:22:12 (Schematic diagram / photo by Yu Luguang) The delivery staff must be exposed to the wind and the sun and may encounter bad customers, so many customers will give a tip to express their gratitude. A man recently claimed that he delivered food to a KTV last week. The man who came to … Read more

Matthew Whelan: The UK’s Most Tattooed Man Struggling with Debt and Discrimination from Banks

2023-06-16 12:22:34 Matthew Whelan is the UK’s most tattooed man. He had a great interest in tattooing since childhood. Therefore, Matthew’s goal was to get the title of the most tattooed person in the UK. After this, this 43-year-old man spent lakhs just to get a tattoo. Now he is in debt due to his … Read more