“Economic measures, tax cuts and other priority issues” Conference for the Realization of New Capitalism | NHK

2023-09-27 08:45:04 In response to Prime Minister Kishida’s instruction to compile economic measures by the end of next month, the government’s “Council for the Realization of New Capitalism” discussed specific measures at a meeting on the 27th. and,▽Strengthening tax reduction measures for companies working on raising wages,▽Support for capital investment to improve productivity at small … Read more

Understanding the 4×1,000 Tax Reform in Colombia: Changes, Exemptions, and Implementation Timeline

2023-07-04 13:35:07 The 4 x1,000 is a tax that the government collects from all citizens through savings and checking accounts. This financial movement consists in that for every thousand pesos that a user withdraws from a financial institution, four pesos are debited by the government.. However, The Government of Gustavo Petro, with the most recent … Read more

Meat, fish, coffee, bread or milk: here is the list of products that will cost more according to the new tax reform

A single mother who works part-time will not earn a euro more with the tax reform: “The low wages are the big losers” For economist Philippe Defeyt (Institute for Sustainable Development), the government’s tax reform project does not support people who work for low incomes: “It is incomprehensible given the objectives announced by the government, … Read more

Oil companies are already thinking about leaving Colombia due to uncertainty – Sectors – Economy

The combination of the tax reform, the impacts of the Escazú Agreement on the sector, uncertainty about the signing of new exploration and production contractsand the public order problems that are being registered in the regions, have led the oil companies to reconsider their plans to invest in Colombia. “There are companies that, without a … Read more

Tax reform: Chamber approved ‘mico’ of mega-pensions abroad – Congress – Politics

With a series of proposals on food taxed in the tax reform project, the plenary session of the House of Representatives meets at this time to deliberate on the matter. The discussion about sugary drinks and their implications for health and the family basket captured much of the debate. The ‘monkey’ of mega-pensions abroad was … Read more