LIVE Teaching Contract: results, final places by UGEL and latest news, via Minedu | DRE | Teacher Recruitment 2023 | Standard Teacher Contract | Ministry of Education | Society

The Ministry of Education published the final results of the 2023 Teaching Contract on February 10. Photo: La República | Photo: The Republic Results and places of Teaching Contract 2023 | The Ministry of Education (Minedu) published on February 10 the final results of the Teaching Contract 2023 for the national test and the places … Read more

‘Don’t go to schools anymore, don’t call me to go; Teachers should be good role models’

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ It has been suggested that teachers should no longer call students Poeta or Poetee in schools. The Education Department has issued a circular banning such practices. The reason for the change is that the teachers should act as role models for the students. The directive says that teachers should not use words that … Read more

The Teachers Syndicate announces a comprehensive warning strike in all private educational institutions on February 1

The Teachers Syndicate announced in a statement, “Based on the results of the female and male teachers’ vote on the recommendation of the general assemblies in all branches, the Syndicate announces a comprehensive warning strike in all private educational institutions on Wednesday, February 1, provided that the Executive Council meets to take appropriate escalatory steps, … Read more

Bono 950 – Who are the benefited teachers and when will the money be delivered? | PERU

Who are the teachers who will receive this new financial subsidy? 2023 began with good news for all teachers in Peru. And it is that the Ministry of Education (Minedu) informed that the teachers will receive, for this month, a exceptional bonus of 950 soles. One of the big questions that many ask is if … Read more

Teaching Bonus 2023: when will it be paid, who will receive the S/950 and everything about the Minedu subsidy | Extraordinary Bonus | Bonus for teachers | Society

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) announced the delivery of Teaching Bonus It is 2023subsidy directed to teachers and assistants basic and higher education. In this note we provide you with more details about the payment dates, who will be beneficiaries and more. The subsidy for teachers and assistants will be S/950 and S/1,250. It has … Read more

Teacher protest: how is the teacher strike developing in Venezuela? | Venezuelan teachers protest | mature nicholas | #9NationalProtest | Venezuela

In a conversation with NTN24, the president of the Formation of Union Leaders (Fordisi), Gricelda Sánchez, explained that the mobilization was planned by teachers from 18 states. “Teachers earn between 7 and 20 dollars, from there we do not go. The salary we have today does not even allow us to go to work. By … Read more