The Crimean bridge has been obscured – Newspaper Kommersant No. 188 (7389) dated 10/11/2022

Work to restore traffic on the Crimean bridge continues. Trains run on the same track in the usual schedule, the movement of cars in both directions is organized along the undamaged auto lane. Freight traffic is promised to be restored from October 16, but for now the trucks arrive in Crimea by ferry: two of … Read more

Putin declares four areas of Ukraine to be Russian territory

Rrussian president Wladimir Putin has blamed the West for “explosions” that would have led to multiple leaks in the Baltic Sea pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2. “Sanctions are not enough for the West, they have resorted to sabotage by organizing explosions on the international Nord Stream gas pipelines,” Putin said on Friday … Read more

Compatibility reconnaissance – Newspaper Kommersant No. 156 (7357) of 08/26/2022

Six months since the entry of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, which coincided with the 31st anniversary of the country’s independence, the UN marked a discussion in the Security Council and a joint statement demanding Russia to “immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces and military equipment.” This document initiated by Kyiv was supported … Read more

Russia is rumored to consider not recognizing Lithuania’s independence, but it was countered and returned the land | International | Newtalk News

Member of the Russian ruling party Fedorov proposed that the Russian Federation is the legitimate successor of the Soviet Union on its territory, and the Soviet State Council’s recognition of Lithuania’s independence should be cancelled.Figure: Retrieved from the wiki website Russia considers Lithuania as ‘illegal’ independence! A Russian lawmaker called for the abolition of Lithuania’s … Read more

Chinese Super League’s strength map: Taishan Haigang’s title rivals transfer to Guangzhou team’s goal to avoid relegation_season_foreign aid_player

Original title: Chinese Super League’s strength map: Taishan Harbour’s title rivals transfer to Guangzhou team to avoid relegation 18 teams have created the highest number of entries in the history of China’s top league. However, for the 2022 Super League season, it is slightly embarrassing that there are only two teams that can compete for … Read more

Acquired 8% equity of Huaan Fund and realized the next big asset management territory of Guotai Junan_Business_Company_Management

Original title: Acquired 8% equity of Huaan Fund and realized the next big asset management territory of Guotai Junan 21st Century Business Herald reporter Wang Yuanyuan reported from Shanghai On the evening of May 24, Guotai Junan announced that it intends to transfer 8% of Huaan Fund held by Shanghai Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. … Read more