Tribute to Dr. Po, a doctor who has a distant future. mysterious death

Today’s news 11 Jan. 65 The social world has shared the story of Doctor Po, a female doctor after a mysterious death After 7 Dec. … Read more

Quick check. Sor. Sor. reveals 5 behaviors that are at risk of contracting Covid-19 for working people.

No. 1 When suspecting that you are at risk Did not get tested with a self-tested COVID-19 screening kit (ATK) or went to a hospital … Read more

“Doctor Thira” pointed out that the long-term covid condition persisted for more than 6 months.

2. who is Long COVID most often haveLong-term symptoms persist for more than 6 months Groff D et al. conducted a systematic global review of … Read more

Virologists reveal that Omicron has a different mechanism of entry into human cells than other species.

The newly released information is quite clear. Oh Micron different from other species because Oh Micron It does not enter cells by direct fusion mechanism … Read more

Teacher Jesada reveals that Omicron research is promising to be a natural vaccine that can inhibit Delta.

and that it spreads easily Those who are infected show symptoms rapidly in a few days, and symptoms are similar to those of the seasonal … Read more

Thailand found covid-19 Omicron has spread in many provinces.

– Dec 27, both of them began to have muscle pain and throat irritation.Check ATK On their own, both results turned out to be positive. … Read more

Hurry and notice! 8 new symptoms Omicron If going to a risk area

exceptOmicron new symptomsand also the results of the analysisOmicron infected patientsOver 78,000 people in South Africa which is the first source of infection with the … Read more

“Doctor Thira” reveals that Thailand is another country that has all 5 types of covids.

but from the population base Omicron that is much more extensive than the original species. It can attack both people who have not been vaccinated. … Read more

Check ATK checkpoints with Drive Thru for free! for 4 risk groups

by both 4 risk groupswishing to receiveATK test with hospitals under the Bangkok Medical Office canrisk assessmentby yourself through the BKKCOVID19 system andRegister to reserve … Read more