The baht is the weakest in 10 and a half months as foreigners sell Thai stocks to their lowest in 3 months – Post Today

2023-09-29 21:22:30 The baht is the weakest in 10 and a half months, with foreigners selling Thai stocks to their lowest in 3 months. Post TodayThe baht is the weakest in 11 months, likely to hit 37 baht/dollar. 3PlusNewsThe value of the baht today, 29 Sep. 2023, ‘appreciates’. The market waits to see the US … Read more

Islamic Bank of Thailand (iBank) Introduces ‘Mahabbah’ Fixed Deposits: High Returns and Special Offers

2023-09-28 10:24:00 Islamic Bank of Thailand (iBank) issues fixed deposits “Mahabbah”. Minimum account opening is 1,000 baht. Maximum deposit is 20 million baht per person. The deposit period is 9 months, with an expected return of up to 1.75% per year. Dr. Thaweelap Rittaphirom, Director and Manager Islamic Bank of Thailand (IBank) revealed that “Since … Read more

Revealing the list of stocks that “gain and lose” after the baht weakens wages past 36 baht/dollar.

2023-09-23 15:48:00 Dao Securities reveals the benefits and losses of stocks After the baht weakened past 36 baht/dollar, look at stocks exporting food, electronics, and tourism. Receive positive feedback, holding AAI-TU outperform SET by as much as 60%. As for airlines-power plants-energy groups The most wasted. Cause of increased cost pressure Given the dollar debt … Read more

10 SET100 stocks, not too expensive (as low as 10 baht), great dividends higher than 4%

2023-09-17 17:54:00 The Thai stock market continues to fluctuate. Therefore, investing in dividend stocks that focuses on long-term investment Grow with the company and receive returns in the form of dividends Therefore it is still very popular. Most of them tend to choose to invest in stocks that give a high return of more than … Read more

Open for outstanding stocks! Take advantage of policies to stimulate the economy. Which new government is worth speculating?

2023-09-03 18:17:00 Foreign factors affecting the Thai stock market • 5 Sep. Factory orders in July. Market expects -2.5%mm from 2.3%mm. Durable goods orders in July are not expected. From -5.2% September 6, the service sector PMI (ISM) was expected at 52.4, down slightly from the previous 52.7. • September 5, China’s service sector index … Read more