Exposing Media One’s Communal Propaganda and Insults towards CPI-M and Left

2023-09-03 13:41:04 Kottayam> Media to spread communalism and insult CPI-M and Left One channel’s effort was caught by social media. Media One started their communal agenda in Puthupally by portraying the group who came to sing for LDF candidate Jake C Thomas in Puthupally on Kalasakhot day on Sunday as singing gang members with Kavithun … Read more

IAEA Supports Japan’s Fukushima Water Discharge Plan Amidst Controversy: Find out the Details and Impacts

2023-07-04 12:43:09 Tokyo The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is backing Japan in a difficult foreign policy conflict. Despite protests from many other Pacific Rim countries, Japanese fishermen and demonstrations in South Korea, the authority on Tuesday approved the diplomatically most controversial part of Japan’s rescue plan for the 2011 damaged Fukushima 1 nuclear power … Read more

“Ron DeSantis: The Speech, The Think Tank, and The Standing Ovations”

2023-04-23 14:37:07 Ron DeSantis In the Republican Party, the candidate search revolves around the question of who is perceived as the tougher fighter. (Photo: AP) National Harbor He calls it three times at the end. “Appreciate it”, “I appreciate it”. What Ron DeSantis appreciates on Friday morning are the standing ovations to which the audience … Read more

Ukraine-News ++ Lavrov threatens Moldova – could be the next “anti-Russian project” ++

DAccording to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Republic of Moldova could become a new “anti-Russian project” after Ukraine. Parts of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine have split off and are ruled by pro-Russian separatists. Moldova borders western Ukraine. The government in Moscow accuses the West of expanding eastward into Russia’s sphere of influence. … Read more

Election in Berlin: “Man, at Union there is always a jute atmosphere!”

Peltlup aleue Polleeuheuplpellu Pelllue Ielepek kel ple Zelhvelplahelleu pel Vlepelkutnuapvekt eO i0. Beplnel heletlek lu elueO „Nell“-lulelulev anl ent peu Bnuhl aepleekl. Blue Pll „aeteple Pekleuokleule“ pel pel VektheOot aeaeu ple Bealeleupe PelaelOelplellu Bleuelphe 6lttev (PBB). „lO Peuel Oeppeu vll vellel pnleklealeleu nup nup elulaeu, lO VektheOot plup vll Guuhnlleulluueu.“ lu pel Peeke kell pllelleu, … Read more

Sunday trend: Traffic light coalition without a majority one year after taking office

EIn the year after taking office, the traffic light government has clearly lost support among voters. In the Sunday trend of the opinion research institute INSA, the SPD, Greens and FDP together only come to 44 percent, according to a preliminary report by “Bild am Sonntag”. The Social Democrats lost the most clearly. They come … Read more