Exclusive | The epidemic is pressing!Hard-necked restaurants move forward and downgrade internal use of blood tonic limited renewal of new tricks | Apple News | Apple Daily

(New: The industry has no choice but to say) Editor’s note: In order to control the COVID-19 epidemic, Taiwan started the national third-level epidemic prevention alert from May 19. Due to the transient epidemic, the alert was extended four times until July 26, and it was gradually downgraded and unblocked. However, Baiye businesses were early … Read more

Zhang Yushao’s Views Watching Asia-Pacific countries suffer from a severe epidemic, Taiwan is gradually moving towards life as usual | Politics | 新头壳 Newtalk

Taiwan used three levels of vigilance instead of drastic measures to lock down the city, and stabilized the epidemic in about two months. (Sketches/Ningxia Night Market) Picture: Zhang Liangyi/Photograph (Data Photo) The new Wuhan pneumonia virus has set off a new wave of infections in Asia. Although South Korea has a vaccine coverage rate of … Read more

Apple Direct Attack | Taiwan Railway Changhua Station Hidden Secret Road Leads to Platform Unmanned Control and Epidemic Prevention Break | Apple News Network | Apple Daily

(Newly added: Taiwan Railways responded that the control door has been closed and is expected to be completed in two months) The 100-year-old Changhua Railway Station has secret passages and has become a breach in epidemic prevention! Readers complained to “Apple News” that because all public places are controlled at the third level of security, … Read more

Exclusive | Garmin Linkou Factory, a major wearable manufacturer, diagnosed with Huaya Science and Technology Park alarms | Apple News | Apple Daily

The national three-level alert continues to be extended, and the Linkou Huaya Science and Technology Park raises the alarm! The Garmin Linkou factory, an international clothing manufacturer specializing in the three railways, was shocked to report that an employee was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on the 7th. Garmin employees broke the news to Apple … Read more

Conditional loosening and micro-unblocking schemes in gyms and restaurants are here-Life-Zhongshi News Network

The Central Epidemic Command Center will hold a press conference to announce the micro-unblocking related citation measures. It is understood that golf courses, fitness centers and other sports venues are conditionally loosened, but swimming pool operators are not included, and all sports halls do not provide showers. For internal use in catering, under the condition … Read more

Paparazzi hits straight | Junior picks up Lin Xuanyu’s boyfriend and sends “Haomei CP” to drive 2.38 million Benz south for a date | Apple News | Apple Daily

The 40-year-old Junior (Han Yibang) was revealed in April by “Apple News”. Lin Xuanyu, 29, who played his fiancée in “The Pride of Heaven”, recently captured the trace of their love again. He drove on the 24th. The 2.38 million Benz car, low-key to the TV station near the warm shuttle Lin Xuanyu off work, … Read more