He acted with him in the “Al-Qobba neighborhood” .. And they watched a video of them dancing in an funny way

A number of active accounts were circulated on the application of “Instagram”. Tarif video, collected by the Syrian artist Khaled Al-Qish and his son Faris.. It seemed that the clip had been recorded on “Tik Tok” before it was published by the Qish on his own account in the application, where he sang with his … Read more

The “Lebanese contractors” brandish a return to the strike: History will not show mercy to anyone

Hourly contract professors at the Lebanese University issued a statement waving to “return to the strike until full-time is achieved.” The statement read: After years of waiting, sacrifices, and serving the university without a fair and just return, we were surprised by a proposal that aims to perpetuate our reality as contracting workers with forced … Read more

Get to know the “Natour” who runs 68 pages on Facebook

Muhammad Ali Diab wrote in “Al-Akhbar”: In early summer 2015, Zeidan Al-Hamdoush left his village, Khirbet Shihab, located about 100 kilometers east of Aleppo. Beirut, where his father works, will embrace him for years to come. There is no university degree to support him and no profession to support, so he moved towards construction work. … Read more

The financing card and printing money … What if the dollar reached 25 thousand pounds?

Khaled Abu Shakra wrote in “Nidaa al-Watan”: “The similarities between the financing card and the series of ranks and salaries that were given a lot two years ago. Both were hastily approved under street pressure, far from studying their future results. As for the content and here, the danger, the card will erode and its … Read more