London: Man crushed by toilet – dead! | News

Terrible accident in London: a man died while working on a public toilet. The man was allegedly crushed early Friday afternoon at Cambridge Circus in central London and died at the scene of the accident, the London police said on Twitter. Retractable or so-called telescopic urinals are lowered into the ground during the day and … Read more

Battery swallowed: 7-year-old from Switzerland dies in Portugal

This story moves Switzerland. 7-year-old José from Payerne in the canton of Vaud is not coming back from his vacation in Portugal. He has died in a Coimbra hospital after the boy swallowed a button battery – how 24 hours reported. Little José’s family had spent the Christmas holidays in Portugal. The child has now … Read more

Football: Ex-Tottenham talent dies at sea aged just 25 | Sports

Terrible news from the USA. Ex-Tottenham talent Anton Walkes dies in a horrific boat crash off the Florida coast aged just 25. The American media reported unanimously. Accordingly, Walkes, who last played for Charlotte FC in the American MLS, is said to have crashed into a second boat with his speedboat off Florida’s coastal metropolis. … Read more

England: Johnny (22) was tired and had migraines – now he’s dead | News

Johnny Alfrey, 22, from Littleborough (north Manchester, England) has been suffering from a range of symptoms – including fatigue, insomnia, vomiting and severe migraines – for over a month. Again and again he goes to the hospital with his mother Julie. But there his symptoms are dismissed. A month later, in June last year, the … Read more

Florisdorf (Vienna): Samantha († 20) brutally raped to death

While rescuers are treating the accused, the victim bleeds to death in the apartment Samantha († 20) raped to death in Vienna – she kept asking for mercy The police cordoned off the horror apartment in Vienna-Florisdorf. dpa Jan 8, 2023 @ 8:42am The indictment is said to contain 32 pages of horror. In June … Read more

Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar: US sports reporter Grant Wahl dies in the stands Sports

Tragedy at the World Championships in Katat! Sports journalist Grant Wahl died during the quarterfinals between Argentina and the Netherlands at the World Cup in Qatar. He was only 48 years old. Wahl had tweeted on Friday evening about the 2-2 equalizer of the Dutch: “An unbelievable goal after a standard situation.” A short time … Read more