Governors, the internal “IMF” on which Milei depends

2023-11-30 11:10:17 Will he govern with the support of Macri? Will he govern with the assistance of the United States and the IMF? Will he govern at the pace of the crossed needs he will have with the 24 opposition governors? Will he govern with the invisible support of Schiaretti? How will Javier Milei govern? … Read more

Together for Change targeted Tailhade and requested his removal from the Deputies

2023-11-08 08:30:00 He Kirchnerism This Tuesday he resorted to a controversial play in the Chamber of Deputies in the face of the scandal that was generated by the judicial advances that revealed links between one of the detainees for alleged illegal espionage maneuvers with the national deputy Rodolfo Tailhade and the deputy director of the … Read more

complicated municipalities and communes with intersections

2023-11-06 03:09:00 A just over a month for the replacement of provincial and local authorities in some municipalities of Córdoba that change their political color, their elected mayors have already begun to warn that the transition is slowed down or with little information. Others question the appointment of personnel. The outgoing ones, on the other … Read more

“We had a terrible candidate and a terrible campaign”

2023-10-29 23:51:37 The former Minister of Culture during the government of Mauricio Macri, Pablo Avelluto, was sincere this Sunday after the defeat of Together for Change in the general elections. He recognized that the opposition front lost “by beating”, a situation that was due to having had “a terrible presidential candidate like Patricia Bullrich and … Read more

Argentina’s Presidential Race: Milei, Bullrich, and the Search for Change

2023-10-28 16:01:41 LOOK: Flirting with Bullrich and the left: Milei’s turn in search of the presidency of Argentina “With Milei we have differences, that is why we have competed. However, we are faced with the dilemma of change or mafia continuity. The majority chose change, we represent it (…) The urgency of time asks us … Read more

Losteau and Morales “compromised” with Massa, he assured

2023-10-27 14:43:00 For the first time since Sunday’s election results, the former president Mauricio Macri will speak publicly about his support for Javier Mileicandidate of La Libertad Avanza who caused the political crisis of Together for Change. Mauricio Macri and his support for Javier Milei 27/10 11:43 Macri: “Antonia told me ‘dad, you have to … Read more