Cricket Fever in Lucknow: Get the Latest Updates, Tickets, and Hotel Deals for the India vs England Match at Lucknow Cricket Stadium

2023-10-28 06:50:52 In my 22 years of driving, I have never seen a traffic block like this’ – said taxi driver Vijay Kumar who took three and a half hours to cover the 100 meter distance from Gomathinagar Junction to Lucknow Cricket Stadium. Lucknow is in full power as the India-England match in the ODI … Read more

Artificial intelligence: can we really control it?

2023-10-27 16:21:07 Back to home / Shows / Tomorrow in the spotlight Published on: 10/27/2023 – 6:21 p.m. 23:42 Tomorrow in the headlines © France 24 In November 2022, the whole world discovered ChatGPT, a conversational robot which went from a global buzz to a planetary revolution in a few months. But a year later, … Read more

Stay Safe from Thunderstorm Rain and Flooding: Updates and Instructions from Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-10-18 23:07:45 Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The General Directorate of Civil Defense called for caution and the need to stay in safe places and stay away from places where floods, water swamps and valleys accumulate, and not to swim in them as they are inappropriate places for that and constitute a danger, and to adhere … Read more

Big Bazar: Bankruptcy in Amsterdam Raises Uncertainty for Belgian Stores

2023-09-27 17:42:00 An Amsterdam court declared the Dutch company Big Bazar bankrupt on Tuesday, but the fate of the Belgian stores was initially unclear. According to its website, the chain has 11 stores in Belgium, all located in Flanders. The remaining (Dutch) stores in Big Bazar will remain open “as much as possible”, according to … Read more

Delicious Discoveries: Must-Try Dining Spots on a Five-Year RV Adventure

2023-09-21 21:09:28 This month marks the fifth anniversary of living the RV lifestyle, exploring the country in a 23-foot motorhome. My husband and I will be hitting national parks, hot springs and plenty of restaurants, cafes, diners and bakeries along the way. Here are six destination dining spots high on the must-try list. delicious discoveries. … Read more

Provincial Hemotherapy Center Specialists Shine at Argentine Congress of Transfusion Medicine

2023-09-19 21:58:23 Specialists from the Provincial Hemotherapy Center participated in the Argentine Congress of Transfusion Medicine Professionals and specialists from the Provincial Center for Hemotherapy and Immunohistochemistry of Formosa had an active participation in theXIX Argentine Congress of Transfusion Medicine“carried out recently in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. This is an annual meeting that … Read more