Stocks on February 13: Banking and real estate stocks plummeted | Stock

(Source: Vietnam+) The first session of the week on February 13 saw the market move less positively and was in the red for most of the session. The cash flow was not too significant, the demand, if any, quickly weakened while the selling force pressed and gradually increased towards the end of the session, thereby … Read more

Coffee price suddenly reversed to decrease, domestic coffee lost 300 VND/kg

The price of London Robusta coffee reversed to decrease after technical indicators showed that this market has entered the “overbought” zone, which needs to be balanced. Domestically, the price of coffee today (January 31) decreased again with an adjustment of 300 VND/kg compared to yesterday. Coffee price on 31/01/2023: Reversal to decrease At the end … Read more

Ocean View Attention Gangneung Housing Market ‘Fall Without Wings’

‘Real estate hot place’ Gangneung’s housing market is repeatedly falling without wings. Home sales volume in October was the lowest in 9 years and 9 months. There are also quick sales with lower asking prices. Looking at the real estate transaction status of the Korea Real Estate Agency, the total number of housing sales including … Read more