Treats Serious Diseases.. A Study Reveals New Benefits of Natural Honey • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, have discovered new benefits of bee honey in treating many diseases. The study found that honey improves cardiovascular health, and it also contributes to controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels. As scientists have discovered, honey reduces blood glucose during fasting, harmful cholesterol, and triglycerides that cause … Read more

How did the Kuwaiti “Jassem Bahman” treat patients using the “winch” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of the folk healer “Jassem Bahman” while he was in one of the folk treatment sessions for one of the patients. In the clip, the patient appeared lying on a device resembling a “winch”, and was tied in a strange way, after which … Read more

Scientists at “California Medicine” have found a revolutionary new drug that treats the most aggressive types of cancer

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Scientists have come up with a revolutionary new drug that can treat the most aggressive types of cancer. Scientists at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, have made a discovery that may provide real hope for these patients. Patients with glioblastoma, a rapidly growing type of cancer that … Read more

Knowing “eye stye” can be even without secretly watching anyone. He can heal quickly by himself.

stye eye disease (Hordeolum) is considered a disease eyes Common that most people have to have once. which while being often causing a nuisance and reduce confidence in daily life “eye stye” is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands that occur in the area eyelid This can be observed from the presence of a raised … Read more

She warned diabetics not to see her… Marwa Rateb: My face cures depression

Syrian fascist Marwa Ratib published a video clip in which she praised her beauty, describing herself as a cure for depression and warning diabetics not to see her. Marwa Rateb provoked the audience by talking about herself, especially since it was not the first time that she deliberately exaggerated her beauty and self. Marwa Ratib … Read more

[Melancholic Brain]Treatment of Depression in the Elderly (1) | Fanggezi vocus

Treatment of geriatric depression requires individualized assessment. (Photo: Edward Blanco on Unsplash) Author: Jian Wanxi, a psychiatrist Release date: 2022/09/02 This article is based on the experience of in-office whispers, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive psychotherapy in a psychiatric outpatient clinic. All conversations have been rewritten to remove all descriptions that could identify specific … Read more