Overcoming Health Challenges in the Artistic Community: A Journey of Resilience by Olfat Omar

2023-06-14 20:03:39 The artist, Olfat Omar, revealed that she had suffered from a health problem in the past period, explaining that she had gone through a difficult period due to the pressures she suffered in the artistic community. And she wrote on her Facebook account: “Good morning, when many asked me what happened to me, … Read more

“Actress Mayar El-Beblawy’s Sudden Health Scare: Latest Updates and News”

2023-05-19 14:20:38 The Egyptian actress, Mayar El-Beblawy, was transferred to the intensive care unit in a hospital, after she suddenly fainted after getting out of her car, heading to the studio in which she was presenting her weekly episode of the “Sweetest Talk” program on “Al-Shams” channel. Mayar El-Beblawi’s son revealed the latest developments in … Read more