“Covids Today” Chonburi has 197 new infections, 1,297 ATK cases, 1 more death.

On 9 May 65 Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office Chonburi Province infected person reportcovid today” confirmpeople infected with COVID-19 new RT-PCR A total of 197 … Read more

“Mor Yong” reveals information about the type 4 coviral vaccine that is used with Thai people.

The focus of this vaccine is that an adjuvant is used. Matrix M adjuvant is a saponin. Obtained from the bark of the molina tree, … Read more

“Doctor Chalermchai” reveals the vaccine formula against “Omicron” to stimulate the immune system 29-33 times.

Dr. Chalermchai Boonyaleephan “Doctor Chalermchai” Vice-President of the Senate Public Health Commission, private blockdit post “One hundred and eight thousand nine with Dr. Chalermchai” indicate … Read more

“Dr. San” reveals information. Natural infection is more beneficial than 4 needle injections.

benefit analysis 1.1 Comparison of benefits between three injections and four injections. In an Israeli study recently published in the New England Journal, people who … Read more

“Covids today” in Chonburi, 1,128 more infected – ATK 4,016, 3 more deaths

Covid-19 situation, Chonburi province, there are reports of infected people. “Covid today” confirmed cases of RT-PCR 1,128 and ATK at 4,016. Three more deaths reported. … Read more