EU prepares “heavy” sanctions to “dissuade” Moscow

The Europeans still hope to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin through dialogue to renounce a possible invasion of Ukraine, but they began on Friday January 14 to prepare “lourdes»Sanctions against Moscow for the«deterAnd to assert their credibility vis-à-vis their American ally. Read alsoUkraine: Moscow points out differences with NATO «We have a will to dissuade … Read more

after Omicron, the United States could manage to “live with” the virus

The famous immunologist considers it unlikely that the virus can be completely eliminated but believes that the broad immunity conferred by Omicron could help “live with”. Despite a record number of hospitalizations, the United States could be “threshold” a transition period, after which it will become possible to “to live with” the virus, estimated Tuesday, … Read more

a motorist locks her son in the trunk to have him tested

This woman in her forties, a high school teacher in Houston, was arrested and released on bail of $ 1,500. An American from Texas who had locked her 13-year-old son in the trunk of his car to be tested is the subject of criminal proceedings but also testimonies of support which came out on Monday, … Read more

rally to denounce the climate of “terror” against the staff of the CHU

Several hundred people took part this Saturday in Guadeloupe in a citizens’ rally to say “stop“To violence against hospital staff on the island, against a backdrop of the crisis surrounding the vaccination obligation, noted an AFP journalist. Read alsoCovid-19: what are the conditions for traveling to Corsica and overseas? During this event organized by a … Read more

posters asking women to wear the hijab displayed in shops

The Taliban put up posters in Kabul shops claiming that women “must»Wear the hijab, accompanied by a photo of a burqa, another sign of the toughening of the regime despite initial promises. The posters are accompanied by a short text stating that “according to the principles of sharia, women must wear the hijab», Without specifying … Read more

the boss of the Pointe-à-Pitre hospital exfiltrated by the police

The administrative building of the CHU, the scene of tensions around the question of the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, was besieged on Tuesday and the management “sequestered” in its offices before being “exfiltrated”. The director of the CHU of Guadeloupe and his two assistants had to be exfiltrated by the police from their offices besieged … Read more