She celebrated her birthday with her family.. This is Nadine Al-Rassi’s mother’s gift to her on her birthday and what her father said, influential (video)

2023-09-09 04:40:47 Lebanese artist Nadine Al Rassi celebrated her 44th birthday with her family. Nadine shared with her followers on her account, via the short stories feature on her Instagram account, a video clip of the celebration atmosphere. Nadine appeared in the video very happy with her father and mother, who greeted her with touching … Read more

Get Ready for the 2023-2024 NFL Season: Follow the Road to Super Bowl LVIII!

2023-08-31 21:34:00 With preseason games over, all 32 teams are ready to begin their climb to the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. – + The 2023-2024 NFL season is about to start with the 32 franchises starting the fight to reach Super Bowl LVIII. In addition to living the emotion throughout the matches, you can get … Read more

Karen Salama apologizes to Nadine Al-Rassi: I asked how to live until I lived through the experience

2023-08-27 08:33:00 Lebanese media and actress Karen Salama apologized to actress Nadine Al-Rassi in a post on the “X” platform and said: “I want to apologize to Nadine when her brother passed away. And the world is in control. Now I understand, our Lord gives you strength to complete the sake of your condition and … Read more

After appearing with a man inside the jacuzzi.. Nadine Al-Rassi shows her grace in a bikini (photos)

2023-08-18 05:54:26 Actress Nadine Al-Rassi published new photos via the “Al-Astori” feature on her own account on the “Instagram” application. Nadine appeared in a sexy bikini, showing off her grace. Nadine recently raised controversy after she published pictures of her with a man inside the jacuzzi, and it turned out later that he was her … Read more

Nadine Al-Rassi’s mother, the talk of the communication sites.. This is how she sat in the arms of her daughter “as a little girl” (video)

2023-07-07 16:32:41 Actress Nadine Al-Rassi published a video on her Instagram account, in which she appeared with her mother, and the latter sat in the arms of her daughter, and acted like a little girl. Nadine’s father appeared in the same video from inside the car, along with his wife and daughter. Nadine commented on … Read more

Nadine Al-Rassi in the streets of Batroun.. Monday, she started a diet, and this is what she did (photos)

2023-06-15 19:31:34 Actress Nadine Al-Rassi published a set of photos and videos during her visit to Batroun. Al-Rassi expressed her happiness at being in the area, and published a video clip while she was eating sandwiches in a store and saying, “Monday will start the diet.” It is noteworthy that Nadine suffered from very big … Read more