Françoise’s Struggle: Forced to Leave Her Home in Ciney

2023-11-13 06:30:00 As the days pass, Françoise becomes anguished. In 22 days, she will have to leave the accommodation she has rented for 3 years in Ciney. Indeed, a recent decision by the Ciney justice of the peace forces him to reluctantly leave his home. of videos “In June, I came back from vacation and … Read more

Nicolas Ullens Imprisoned with Marc Dutroux: Inside Belgium’s High-Security Prison

2023-08-18 09:32:15 It’s a coincidence but it happens that Nicolas Ullens is imprisoned in the same prison as Marc Dutroux. The two men have never met. No other prisoner from Nivelles crosses paths with Marc Dutroux in this old prison with 192 places where about 260 prisoners are crammed. It has already been written and … Read more

The total box office in the 15th week of 2022 was 96.8472 million, a decrease of 49.56% from the previous week.

Summary [Totalboxofficeinthe15thweekof2022was96.8472milliondown49.56%fromlastweek]From April 11 to April 17, a total of 7 new films were released, with a total weekly box office of 96.8372 million, down 49.56% from last week; It was down 12.45% from last week; the number of people was 2.71 million, down 43.47% from last week. The provincial box office champion is Guangdong … Read more

At the museum, the health pass reduces spontaneous visits

Forced to adapt, museums have been obliged, since July 21, to require the presentation of a health pass to visitors. The sector players interviewed are unanimous: a drop in attendance was observed in the first week when the pass was introduced. → TESTIMONIALS. Health pass: the world of culture worried but mobilized This reduction, however, … Read more

Patrimonio achieves in July, with more than 140,000 visits, its best month since confinement

ABC E. P. Tuesday, 3 August 2021, 00:33 National Heritage achieved its best public month since the confinement in July, registering 141,222 visits to the Royal Sites and Royal Patronages located in the autonomous communities of Madrid, Castilla y León, Extremadura and the Balearic Islands. Thus, an upward trend of seven consecutive months is consolidated, … Read more

Javier Milei accused Alberto Fernández of “immoral” by transcending the nocturnal visits to the Quinta de Olivos

The candidate for national deputy for the Avanza Libertad alliance in the City of Buenos Aires, Javier Milei, charged hard against Alberto Fernandez by accusing him of “immoral” after transcending the nocturnal visits to the Quinta de Olivos that occurred during the President’s birthday, April 2, 2020, at a time when a strict quarantine was … Read more