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The 10 videos of the week that you should not miss

1. Info for the week: M.Déconfinement replaces Edouard Philippe This week was hectic on the political side and it was yesterday (Friday) that everything was … Read more

Putin wins referendum without arousing enthusiasm

“- The Russians have erected a monument to Georges Orwell. – Where ? – All over.” It is the last “anekdot” (political joke) born in … Read more

Russian bonus deal: White House tries to quell criticism

The statement says a lot about the nature of the Trump administration, faced with new criticism of the President’s supposed wait-and-see attitude and benevolence toward … Read more

“Bismuth” affair, university fees, vote in Russia … News this Wednesday

The news Borders. The European Union has reopened its borders to 15 countries but not to the United States, where health officials have declared they … Read more