Russian President Putin’s Arrival in Dubai: Fighter Jets Escorting Plane

2023-12-07 03:34:23 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists circulated on social media video clips of Russian Su-35 fighters escorting the plane that was carrying Russian President Vladimir Putin before his landing in the Emirates, on Wednesday. The Russian Foreign Ministry published a video clip on its page on the “To the UAE it can … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s Childhood Memories with His Mother: A Viral Video Story

2023-12-06 11:57:51 Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his childhood memories with his mother. Its video is viral on social media. In the video, Putin alludes to his mother punishing him as a child. Putin said this at a public meeting with the youth group Movement of the First in Pyatigorsk on Tuesday. But many … Read more

Ukraine’s Funding Crisis: Will Congress Act in Time?

2023-12-06 03:58:07 The warning to Congress has been given. The White House warned on Monday that if the disbursement of funds to Ukraine is not approved, the United States “will shoot it in the knee on the battlefield,” and at the end of the year Russian President Vladimir Putin could win the war. which began … Read more

The Russian Government’s Case Against Alexey Navalny: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-12-02 07:29:00 Moscow: The Russian government has filed a new case against opposition leader Alesky Navalny. Navalny is currently serving prison terms in various cases. Navalny recently escaped life-threatening poisoning. A case has now been filed against Navalki against allegations that the government was behind the attack. According to this, Navalki will have to serve … Read more

Putin Urges Russian Women to Embrace Large Families for Population Growth

2023-12-01 09:00:05 Moscow: President Vladimir Putin told Russian women to give birth to eight or more children. Putin was addressing a meeting of the World Russian People’s Council in Moscow on Tuesday. Putin added that Russia should aim to increase its population in the coming decades. “Many of our tribes continue the tradition of giving … Read more

Vladimir Putin Urges Russian Women to Have 8 or More Children: Changing Family Norms in Russia

2023-12-01 07:03:10 Moscow: President Vladimir Putin said that women in Russia should give birth to at least eight children and a large family should be the norm. Putin’s call for women to bear more children to compensate for the losses comes after several Russian soldiers were killed during the war in Ukraine. But Putin did … Read more