Video | Lava continues to flow from Iceland volcano

Officials in Iceland are watching the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano on the Reykjavik peninsula near the city’s airport in Iceland, which has drawn in bright orange lava flows despite warnings from officials. The volcano erupted last Wednesday at 1 pm, and the Icelandic Meteorological Office urged people to stay away from the volcano. “Currently, … Read more

The Government will repeal the resolution that declared the Lanín Volcano a sacred Mapuche site

The government backtracked and announced that repeal the law that declared to the Lanín Volcano Mapuche sacred siteas confirmed by the National Parks administration through a statement published this Friday. The rectification comes after the controversy generated by the controversial decision made last Wednesday by National Parks, an “interference” according to the governor of Neuquén, … Read more

Iceland volcano eruption, warnings to residents

The Icelandic meteorological office said on Wednesday that a volcano erupted on a mountain near the capital, Reykjavik, an area that also experienced an eruption last year.Pictures and live broadcasts on the Internet by local news stations (MBL) and (RIUV) showed lava and smoke rising from a fissure on the side of the Vajradalsvilla mountain, … Read more

Jordy Caicedo, scores the first goal with Tigres, they expel him and he leaves cryingHalftime

Jessica Mendez Monterrey, NL / 30.07.2022 21:28:43 Jordy Caicedo became the hero of Tigres in the Volcano against Gallos Blancos, but he almost became the villain, since after the score that would give the team the victory, this feline reinforcement was expelled and complicated the line end of the game to those of Miguel Herrera. … Read more