Defective DATS24 Station in Dour: More than 70 Motorists Affected – What Happened?

2023-12-01 05:45:00 Remember, on August 14, we explained to you that more than 70 motorists had encountered problems with their vehicles after refueling at the DATS 24 station in Dour. Most aggrieved customers had no choice but to send their cars in for repairs. The cause of the problem was finally announced by DATS 24. … Read more

Liège Tram: Construction Updates and Impact on Mobility in the City Center

2023-11-30 14:34:23 Mobility is not found everywhere in the center of Liège, Tram’Ardent will suffer financial penalties for each additional week of delay Sudinfo.beTram En Commun S6#12: the construction site by the deadline of November 30 RTC Télé-LiègeThe Atlas Bridge will remain #closed to vehicle traffic for 6 months longer than planned TodayIn LiègeLiège tram: … Read more

Bradley Beal Injury Update: Suns’ Big Three Debut Postponed | Latest News and Stats

2023-11-24 14:45:00 Original title: Bill strained his waist and the Suns’ Big Three debut was postponed again The Suns officially stated that Bradley Beal will be away from the game for three weeks due to lower back pain, and further examinations will be conducted after that. So far, Bill has played three regular seasons. His … Read more

Tragic Accident at Festu Bridge: Mourning the Loss of Laurence Quiévreux

2023-11-06 17:00:00 A week ago, a dramatic accident took place at the Festu bridge in Pipaix. Laurence Quiévreux, 54, unfortunately lost his life after his vehicle was thrown against the concrete guardrail. This Monday, his funeral took place at the Saint-Pierre church in Béclers. ****** *** ***** ***** *** ******* ************ ** ******* ******** ** … Read more

Coco Cook: Delicious Home-Cooked Meals in Verviers Region

2023-11-05 04:00:00 It’s difficult to live in the Verviers region without knowing the dishes prepared by Coco Cook. For two years, we have seen them almost everywhere, but especially in strategically placed distributors. The latest has just been installed at Brico d’Heusy, Chaussée de Theux. But what is the recipe for success for Catherine and … Read more

The Best Week of Your Life: Zodiac Signs That Will Thrive from November 5 to 12 According to Astrology

2023-11-04 16:15:00 Throughout our lives, we experience ups and downs that are sometimes beyond our control. However, the astrologywith its power to provide knowledge about the influence of the stars on our lives, offers us a glimpse of the opportunities and highlights that await us. On this occasion, the three have been revealed signs zodiacal … Read more