COVID-19 Update: ERIS Variant and Vaccination Campaign in France

2023-08-20 20:46:30 10:42 p.m. by Dolores CHARLES Covid-19 is making a comeback this summer, with the new ERIS variant. A vaccine capable of targeting it should be available as early as September. And in October, a vaccination campaign will be offered in France to people at risk, but it will remain open to all those … Read more

Road Safety Barometer: Sharp Increase in Road Deaths in 2022 – Strategies to Improve Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists

2023-07-28 07:31:03 Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 2:55 p.m. According to the Road Safety Barometer established by the Vias Institute, the number of road deaths increased sharply last year in 2022, in Wallonia (+22%) and in Brussels, where it rose from 6 to 21 deaths. . of videos On the other hand, Flanders … Read more

Jeddah Municipality Reveals Reasons for Closure of West Coast Café: Health Violations and Expired License

2023-07-27 23:46:51 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Municipality of Jeddah issued a statement, in which it revealed the reasons for closing the “West Coast” café. And it stated during the statement: “A reference to the clip circulating on social media, regarding the closure of the “West Coast” cafe, due to the inability to comply with the necessary … Read more

India’s supplies to Russia remain low due to quality issues, exporters’ fear of sanctions

2023-07-23 16:33:15 India’s expectations of a jump in goods exports to Russia, to partly balance a steep rise in its oil imports from the country following Western sanctions last year, are unlikely to be realised any time soon going by the trend so far. Manufacturers, especially of network products, such as computers, electronics and telecom … Read more

The Military Confrontation in Ukraine: West’s Plans for Dominance and Russia’s Strategic Defeat

2023-07-11 19:49:19 The military confrontation in Ukraine will not stop until the West abandons its plans to maintain dominance in the world and inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, declared in an interview with the Indonesian newspaper Kompas, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “Why does the armed confrontation in Ukraine not stop? The answer is … Read more

Advancing Digital Public Goods and Infrastructures in West and Central Africa: A Virtual Workshop by IIDiA

2023-07-05 05:55:00 (IIDiA) – The Institute for Inclusive Digital Africa (IIDiA), will hold on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, a virtual workshop on the state of play of digital public goods and infrastructures in West and Central Africa. In the digital era, digital public infrastructures (DPI) and digital public goods (BPN) accelerate, with more security, economic … Read more